Support your students' wellbeing with regular check-ins

Measure and track student wellbeing so you can identify potential issues and intervene early.

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Why Hoppa?

Fast and simple check-ins

Check-ins are short and engaging surveys that give students an outlet to voice their wellbeing, helping schools to gain a better understanding of their wellbeing landscape.

  • Check-in with the whole school, select groups, or select students, at a pace that suits you.
  • Customise the student experience with your own resources, allowing you to align Hoppa to your school's frameworks.
  • Improve honesty in responses and trust by students with privacy features that gives them control over who can access the finer details of their check-ins.

Visualise and understand wellbeing data

Hoppa won't overwhelm you with data. The most valuable information is curated by our algorithms and visualised on your dashboard, so you can interpret data instantly.

  • Deep-dive into specific groups, students, emotions, segments and tags to understand wellbeing health on a granular level.
  • Identify potential wellbeing and safety concerns within the cohort through sophisticated alerts that help you intervene early.
  • Advanced account permissions ensure that users have access to data that is only relevant to them.

Connect to your existing systems

We understand that your school’s time is precious, so we have integrated with Wonde (an innovative data management solution) to get you tracking wellbeing faster using Hoppa.

This allows us to seamlessly and securely access student data, facilitating smooth operation between Hoppa and school information systems.

Don't just track potential.
Check up on it.

Wellbeing often fluctuates in busy school environments. Hoppa enables you to engage and understand student voices with regular, non-disruptive check-ins, to help you support their wellbeing.
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